Gold, guns and a getaway plan

Gold, guns and a getaway plan

Let me show you the indispensable items for your survival gear : also known as the three G's, gold guns and a getaway plan can be described as the Constitution of prepping. These three simple words contain a world of wisdom inside them, especially when it comes to a survival situation, i.e. society collapse, meteor strike, zombie apocalypse, a deadly pandemic, nuclear fallout, your scenario is as good as mine.

It's common knowledge among preppers that our modern society is a very fragile mechanism. Yes, it works almost perfectly now, but it doesn't take much to put the machine to a total halt. Imagine a nationwide power outage, from an EMP strike from a solar flare (or from a "friendly" terrorist country), or a computer virus that disables all our infrastructure (think Stuxnet/Iran nuclear program), that is depending heavily on internet and computers. Everything is possible.

Let me quote from one of my favorites movies, approximately: "When shtf, there are two types of people in this world : those who stay and face the music and those who run for cover. Cover is better".

Especially if you're living in an urban area, it would be a wise idea to get away from the city as soon as possible if disaster strikes and everything goes haywire. I have two words for you (or maybe three) to think about : LA Riots! And when those happened, everything worked as it supposed to: there were no water/food/energy shortages, yet the city, part of it, became a war zone.

Now, imagine how long does it take for a city like, let's say New York, to go completely bananas if there's no power for a few days(or, God forbids, forever!) and hence no heat/air conditioning, no water, no gas, no nothing. Yes, all these run on electricity folks. With all the life support cut off, I bet that rioting and looting will be common in 24 hours tops after disaster strikes and the city will look like in a bad B-movie from the 80's in no time. Here's when your survival gear (the 3 G's) comes into play.

With all these in mind, having a getaway plan is essential in a society collapse scenario. The first thing is to get out of there, as soon as possible, that's a no brainer. Having friends in the country, or a cabin somewhere remote, would be a good idea, obviously. The difficult part is to actually get out from the city, and that's not as easy as it might sound. Basically, you must be among the first to react and leave the premises. Hence, you should be prepared to leave everything behind in 30 seconds flat, if you feel the heat around the corner. What does that mean for you and your family? Well, you will have to be able to protect them, and that means guns (it would be a good idea to know how to use a firearm too, not only own one). Maps come handy too, in a world without GPS tracking systems, fair warning.

Also you must have the means to provide for them in a world without banking systems, ATMs, credit cards and all the other benefits of our ultra-high-tech world. Hence, you must have silver or gold stashed and easily available in a survival situation. Of course, that means you have to stay away from the banks, because guess what : if you have silver or gold stashed inside a bank vault, they are not yours. See Cyprus, MF Global and the like.

So, let's recap : you have to be able to get out of there, as soon as possible. That means, transportation, Gold/silver coins and guns, to protect you, your family and your property from looters. Because yes, looting will be the new normal in a post-collapse world and having your survival gear available will make all the difference.

If the system fails, all the "fiat digital money" system will become instantly a thing of the past. Paper money will become useless, and barter, gold and silver will remain the only currencies, being actually "real money", as they were and they will be for thousands of years from now. So, stack gold or silver coins, in a safe place but easy to reach and to carry, and not dependent on the "modern" infrastructure. I must be very clear: don't confuse COMEX/the paper gold/silver market with actual physical gold, they are not the same thing. Paper assets are just numbers on a piece of paper and they are worth exactly that, nothing. The best thing about stashing gold and silver in physical form is that they are the best investment you can make anyway, representing the perfect hedge against inflation , even if nothing bad happens(well, actually inflation is happening in a big way as we speak). So, investing your extra cash in precious metals is a win-win situation. I would recommend investing in gold/silver coins, not in bars/bullion, because coins give you more flexibility when you need to buy stuff with them; also, you should buy small denominations; they are perfect for daily trades.

The same story goes with guns (and learning how to use them), owning a gun is a good idea even in today's "perfect" world; again, you have nothing to lose by being prepared for the worst and owning guns for protecting yourself and your property is one of the trademarks of the American culture.

I don't want to sound gloomy, but it's best to be prepared for anything, even for a total social breakdown; and if this happens, the three G's are the first things you'll have to consider, it all goes from there.

You have to be ready, you need a plan/survival gear,you need to think in the right direction and remember that there is trained and untrained, which one are you?

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