My (Crazy) Husband is a Prepper!

My (Crazy) Husband is a Prepper!

My husband and I have been married ten years now, and to be honest, I knew when we met that he was a prepper. He wasn't fanatical about it; just stocking up on things to get through three or four days if something bad happened.After all, what could it hurt to have a box of high calorie food bars stuffed under the bed? I can't say I agreed with his way of thinking, but I didn't let it stand in the way of getting to know him better either. Obviously, it wasn't a big deal because we got married, but now, prepping for disaster has taken a front seat in our lives. He's obsessed with the "what ifs" and "just in cases." Sometimes it's difficult for me to understand his way of thinking; especially when it takes funds away from our household expenses. Here are a few of the things I deal with being married to a prepper.

Current Events are a Learning Lesson

My husband never misses an opportunity to "educate" me on how important prepping is. The news is full of reasons we need to stock up, and being online only gives him more resources and teaching materials. For instance, I heard about hurricane Katrina for months after the fact. I can see now that even just having a way to filter or purify water could have been a life saver for many. What would we do in a situation like this? How would we react and be able to defend ourselves when law and order breaks down? Another object lesson he likes to use is the Nisqually earthquake. His favorite is, "What would we do if help was more than three days away?"

Or ice storms. What if we lost power for a week or more and couldn't get out because of the storm? Many of these conversations turn into quizzes on what can we do to improve our chances of survival during disasters such as these, and ultimately I became convinced that the purchase of a bit of "survival gear" would be prudent.

Our Spare Bedroom is an Armory

My husband has always had a thing for firearms - even before he began prepping, he owned a gun or two. Now, his little hobby has turned into a full-fledged armory right in our spare bedroom. There are gun cases lining every wall and enough ammo to take down a small army. I adore him for wanting to protect his family, and I'm sure if something did happen, I'll be more than grateful he has all this firepower, but putting overnight guests in this room scares them to death!

Being married to a prepper when you're not a prepper yourself can be frustrating, but I have to admit, his way of thinking is rubbing off on me, little by little. I do try to keep the gas tanks in the cars full at all times now, and I do find myself thinking about buying extra of things I find on sale, things that I feel qualify as my own personal survival gear.

I also have been practicing shooting my husband's guns. As a matter of fact, he just bought me my very own G19 because I handled his so well.

I guess changing my mindset is a work in progress, and I don't see me ever becoming quite as dedicated to it as he is, but I do admire his drive, and I suppose one day, I might be thankful for his diligence.